Das Reboot – Questionnaire!

Let’s say this is my project.  During the Christmas holidays I finished reading Das Reboot by Raphael Honigstein. While I reading I had so many questions, that I wandas-reboot-e1501273453968.jpgted to stop and pen them down. But then I also wanted to finish the book as I could not resist what was in the next line, paragraph, page or chapter! So I promised myself to read it again which I did in the beginning of the summer holidays. Of course, this time with taking notes and jotting down all the questions.  So here it is, my long list of questions for the author.  And yes, I will have a separate post (will be up in a few days) about the book itself.

Rafa, here is my long list of questions. I know you are busy with Klopp’s (Bring The Noise) book. Also, it may not be possible for you to answer all the questions. Or you may choose not to answer at all.  Nonetheless, it would be great if you are able to answer at least some.

Bring the noise
Coming soon!

Or let me try this format…

First five questions compulsory; out of the remaining 30, attempt any 10. If you have time you can attempt as many as possible (or all)! Or you could even ignore this and answer whichever question(s) you want to. Best part about this questionnaire – there is no set time limit! All questions are from the syllabus, i.e. from the book!

Here is my list of questions for you, Rafa! A big thank you in advance!

  1. Urghhh…this should have been my first question to the author. How did I miss it? Would you have still written/published this book if Germany would have lost in the finals to Argentina?
  2. The World Cup at home in 2006 drove the FA into action – crises management response. If the WC was not at home, would we have seen these reforms?
  3. You mentioned that plans were sitting in the drawers, dusted. Nobody asked why they were just sitting there? Nobody thought of giving it any attention? Also, if Germany had reached the semis in France, would the plans have still sat in the drawers?
  4. How would history judge Joachim Löw? German public know him now or does he still keep a low profile? Did you speak with him for this book?
  5. How is the team spirit now? Do you believe a repeat of Euro 2012 will take place – at least in the next 2-3 decades? Also, you have written about the wonderful team spirit during 2014 WC. There absolutely were no camps/no infighting  (like you briefly mentioned the pro-Schweini/pro-Bayern, pro Khedira camps) in the team? Or this too was kept away from the media/managed to get hidden in the success.  Any friction in the coaching staff?
  6. It is not possible for any team to stay on top forever. But do you believe that Germany can ever again see the kind of slump they witnessed in the 90s or will this system that is put in place take care of itself?
  7. Was it deliberate not to have photos in the book?
  8. Rafa, when Klinsmann began his reform drive – were you convinced or you too had doubts/ you too were skeptical about his methods?
  9. How many players and coaching (talking about Germany) staff have read this book – both past and present?
  10. When Klinsmann began his tenure, he faced resistance. How do people see his methods and contribution now, especially those connected with the sport?
  11. What is Ralf Rangnick standing in German football? No, not as RB chief, but how do people perceive him now, especially all those who laughed at him in the beginning?
  12. Revolution of youth, both players and especially coaches, like young coaches in Bundesliga. Is this the result of what they saw in the late 90s when they were shunned? For example, Rangnick got the backlash and talked about the “sensitive” nature in football. Would Rangnick then now be more open to young coaches having experienced the treatment he received?
  13. Why do you say confidence is opposite of self-consciousness?
  14. Checking quotes with interviewees – is this still customary in Germany?
  15. Lothar Matthäus, is he still an outcast in German football? How is his relationship with Löw (the one who does not like conflicts!)?
  16. Dressing room stories are still leaked? (I would be surprised if they are not!)
  17. Improvement in society – Is football one of the avenues for immigrants to become part of the mainstream?
  18. Is the model for development still in place? Has it being expanded? What changes, if any, are incorporated in the model? Also, is personality development still part of academy education?
  19. From 121 regional centres it increased to 366. What is the current number?
  20. Any follow-up on this story – 1982 drug use…Algerian players’ children born with disabilities. Any possibility that this was a coverup. Football world refuses to acknowledge the problem of drug use.
  21. Would you say, Neuer is a ‘no-nonsense’ guy?
  22. Right to say, Per Mertesacker and his teammates knew they had played badly and hence he was ready for the reaction and hence that calculated outburst?
  23. Is there anyone Löw does not get along with?
  24. Why should football have been any different- what do you think is the reason? Why did it take them (the administrators) such a long time reg. Systematic in-house player development?
  25. Talent research since 2008. Is it still ongoing?
  26. What is Erich Ribbeck’s view now or was eventually when it all started to fall in place?
  27. How was it for you covering the German football soap opera – your thoughts on it.
  28. How is the relationship between Klopp and Rangnick? (keeping aside the Keita drama)
  29. Licensing is in place now for Sporting Directors? Any courses on offer?
  30. Do you think the kind of determination that we saw in 2014 WC was lacking in the Euro 2016 squad?
  31. Do you know if Bierhoff has started looking for Campo Bahia (CB) # 2?!
  32. Was Campo Bahia ready when the team arrived in Brazil? How big was the overall delegation including all the support staff that stayed put at CB?
  33. Those relationships – the social engineering process – have they survived beyond WC 2014?
  34. What is the current mood, a year away from the WC. Entitlement, hope or resignation (we can’t win it back to back?)
  35. The under-21s and the other youngsters did well recently. However, the U20s and U19s didn’t not do so well at international tournaments (U20 at WC in Korea and U19s in Euro). So the immediate future is bright and down the line is there a slight decline?

 – The End – !!!


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